The Terrorist Mind

The Terrorist Mind

Ted StrahanRetired military and former probation officer Ted Strahan’s novel offers the reader a strategic glimpse at international counter-terrorism efforts while painting a gritty portrait of local programs designed to rehabilitate violent offenders and release them back to their communities.


Just inside the Israeli-controlled West Bank, a sniper’s bullet ends an attempted terrorist infiltration, but Mossad agent Yochanan Ram suspects a greater threat when they discover the perpetrator carried a video disc of a horrific and public murder in the US.

The Mossad sends the video to the CIA, which turns it over to the FBI. FBI technicians uncover Arabic slogans within the video and conclude a terrorist cell is at work within the United States. The agency launches a discrete hunt to find the perpetrators before the American public becomes aware of the terrorist threat.

TheTerrorist_195x288Meanwhile, Tarik Gomani, a Lebanese-born Hezbollah operative, resumes his deadly training at a criminal probation center in Houston, Texas. Gomani’s “rehabilitation program” arouses the suspicion of probation officer Scott Farrell, who is alarmed by his probationers’ increasingly violent behavior under Gomani’s care.

 As Scott questions Gomani’s methods, the terrorist organization pressures Gomani to “hit a big target” before he is discovered. Once the FBI tracks the video to Houston, Scott teams up with federal investigators to thwart an attack on the White House’s national security adviser.

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